Details needed for Posting Student Employment Requests

Please identify the following details by copying and pasting the questions below and sending the information with the responses to Denise Goss, to start the process.

Number of Hires?

Projected start date?

Projected end date?

Working job title?

Pay rate (minimum $16.00 an hour and maximum $30 an hour)?

Hours per week (recommended up to 20 during school sessions/up to 40 during the summer)?

FOAPAL to fund hire(s) - need actual numbers for fund, org, activity code, if any?

Once we have the FOAPAL, I will submit to the Tier 2 approver to approve the funding before we can post the position.

Request work study, non work study or both (work study is not available in the summer)?

Open Recruitment or Student(s) Already Identified?  If identified, please list student(s)’ name(s) and email(s)
or Student ID(s).

Name of supervisor?

Supervision Level: Minimal, Moderate or Close?

Is the job located off-campus?

Does the job involve community service?

CANRA Mandated Reporter?

E-Verify Required?

Will this job require driving, lifting, handling hazardous substances and/or fingerprinting?

Please identify the reasons for the background check from this list:

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required?

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Preferred, if any?

Statement of Percentage of Duties (total 100%):

% Duties:

% Duties:

% Duties:

% Duties: