Tier 1/Tier 2 and EOA/EEC signatures

For signature on the reimbursements forms:

The Tier 1 signer is the person in charge of authorizing the FOAPAL to be charged. 

Research Funds

For research funds, the Tier 1 signer is the PI for the research funds.

For research funds, the Tier 2 signer is the Research Administrator (RA) for the PI.  Please check the RA Assignment List at the following link to identify the RA to sign as Tier 2.

Research Analyst Assignment List

Divisional Funds

For divisional funds, the Director of Finance is the signer for both Tier 1 and Tier 2. The Director of Finance can be found on the Directory at the following link.


ERF (Entertainment Reporting Form)

Please add an additional approver section for the Research Administrator to sign.

For both the EOA (Event Order Approver) and EEC (Event Expense Certifier) the signer is the Director of Finance.  Please see the Directory link above for the current contact.  If the ERF requires top level approval, then the EEC can be the Director of Finance.

How to Open Forms
  1. Select link provided. This will open the form in a new window.

  2. Click the download button on the top of the new page.

  3. Find file on your computer and right click.

  4. Select “Open With”

  5. Select “Adobe Acrobat”

Emails to Submit in DocuSign

This link will take you to the Financial Affairs page regarding DocuSign. You can use these emails in your DocuSign envelope to add as a last recipient in a DocuSign envelope to receive the signed document for processing.

DocuSign Process