Account Codes

Account codes listing and information is available below.

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Account Codes Directory

Before contacting the business office, please review this link from the financial affairs website. You may find the account code you need.


Account Codes Directory

Business Office Assistance

Determining the correct account codes can be confusing. The business office is happy to help clarify what account codes are appropriate for your specific situation.  

Business Office Contact:

Commonly Used Account Codes

001250   Employee Morale Building

001251   Academic Activities

001270   Business Meeting

001271   Hospitality & Recruitment

001273   Student Outreach Events

004100   Conference Registration Fees

004300   Travel within California

004320   Conference within California

004400   Travel outside of California

004420   Conference outside of California

004460   Foreign travel

004480   Travel

112150   Cash Advance

000010   Supplies: Not Otherwise Categorized

000030   Office Supplies