Reimbursements & Travel (TAR, Post Travel)

Dear BSOE Staff and Faculty,

UCSC Accounting Services has put a temporary plan into place for staff and faculty to submit reimbursements via email.  Here is the process for BSOE:

1.  Prepare your direct payments, post travel, travel advance requests, and ERFs for reimbursement and save in a pdf format.  If you can, print, sign the form and scan in pdf format; otherwise, the email sent by you will be your approval. Please be sure the FOAPAL is listed on the form or ask the Tier 1 signer to include the FOAPAL in the email thread.

2.  Scan your original receipts and gather all other pdf receipts and supporting documents.

For forms needing Tier 1 signature (skip this next step if you are the Tier 1 signer or the division is the Tier 1 signer)

3.  Send an email to your Tier 1 signer attaching the reimbursement pdf form and all appropriate receipts and documentation for their approval. (See Email Specifications below)

4.  Whether you are a Tier 1 signer or have received an email with the Tier 1 signer approver, forward your email approval, reimbursement pdf form and all appropriate receipts and documentation to Denise Goss, for her review and to forward for further processing. (See Email Specifications below)

Email Specifications

Per Accounting Services request, please reference a subject line that contains the division or department name and the type of reimbursement.  Here is an example:

 BSOE – Travel reimbursement for Joe Traveler

To ensure that email approvals are clearly related to a specific transaction, we suggest referencing the payee name, FOAPAL, reimbursement amount and Tier 1 approver in the body of each email.  This will require the requester and/or traveler to start the email with this information. Here is an example:

Your Name, 12345-678910-ENGINE, $2,757.00, Tier 1 Approver name

Additional Notes

Please keep the original receipts in case they are needed at a later point in time.  It is important to note that incomplete, miscalculated or missing documentation will delay processing and payment.

Accounting Services will accept this process through April 3, 2020 which is subject to change.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we negotiate through this process.

The Business Office can assist faculty and staff with this process. We recommend individuals look at the online resources provided below before contacting the business office for personal assistance.

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Did you know?

Direct Deposit for Payroll does NOT verify setup in the main payment & reimbursement system.
The Payee Setup 204 form is required for reimbursement. 

Payee Setup Form page

Online Resources

UCSC Travel Guide link


First you will want to know exactly what forms you need. We recommend you reference the Payments & Reimbursements guides on the Financial Affairs website.

To locate Payment & Reimbursements guides

  1. Navigate to the Payments & Reimbursements Financial Affairs website

  2. At the bottom of the Payments & Reimbursements Financial Affairs website you will find the section “How to pay guides”  

  3. Select the proper process for your situation


Travel Advance Request Form:

The Travel Advance Request (TAR) form is used to request cash advances, pre-trip reimbursement or direct payment to vendors.  A trip number will be issued by FAST. The trip number can be used for direct payment to vendors set up with UCSC direct billing.  The trip number and all monetary advances need to be identified in the upper right corner on the post travel form when travel is completed.  The post travel form is mandatory to be completed when travel is complete to close out the travel requested via the TAR.

Travel Advance Request Form


Post Travel:

For mileage and other reimbursements, please be sure to use the current year form.  The Post Travel Expense form should be filed within 45 days of the conclusion of your travel, but it is recommended that you do so within 10 days of returning from your trip.  It is important to include any trip number issued for a TAR and all monetary advances must be identified in the upper right corner on the post travel form when travel is completed.  Also include these amounts within the specific portions of the post travel, and then deduct the amount in the Less Payments/Less Cash Advance to calculate the Reimbursement amount.

Post Travel Form


Travel Cash Advance Repayment:

Did you receive a travel advance payment, but not use all the funds?  You will need to repay the University the unspent funds.  This can be done when submitting your Post Travel forms.  Simply fill out the Travel Cash Advance Repayment form and include a check or cash for the unused amount (Checks should be written to "UC REGENTS").  This can be turned into the business office with your normal Post Travel forms.  The business office will do the rest. 

Travel Cash Advance Repayment form

For information on how to fill out a check for submission to UCSC, visit Cashier Duties sub section Checks.


For travelers that are visiting UCSC:

Here is local hotel information and payment options.

Local Hotels in the Santa Cruz Area


Travel Insurance:

The university has arranged for employees and students traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace at no cost to the traveler or their unit.  

Travel Insurance Information


Fly America Act:

Please check with the FOAPAL resource regarding the funding for foreign travel restrictions.  Important Fly America Act information when travelling on Federal funds links:

Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements

Fly America FAQs

European Airlines



UCOP Travel Regulations:

UCOP Travel Regulations


Providing Supporting Documents

  1. All receipts need to show proof of payment

  2. Meal receipts need to show specific food and beverage items purchases

  3. Alcohol amounts including tax and tip need to be deduced from meal receipts

  4. Airfare needs to include the itinerary, show class of service and traveler name

  5. Attach event information, i.e. flyer, email, agenda

  6. Lodging receipt needs to include room cost breakdown

  7. Foreign travel receipts need to include conversion rate documentation

  8. Use the comments section to include any detailed explanation

How to
How to
Post Travel Expense