Entertainment (ERF and ERA)

The Financial Affairs office’s Entertainment, Business Meeting, and Other Events Expense Guide provides a great detail guide for Faculty and Staff. To access this guide, follow the links below.

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Generally, alcohol is not permitted.  If included in a meal, you need to deduct the alcohol amount plus tax and tip from the reimbursement.  If alcohol is part of an entertainment event, whether being reimbursed or not, the reimbursement will be processed with Exception to Policy and under consideration to be signed by the Dean.

Alcohol Section of Reimbursements

Example of Entertainment Reporting Form (ERF)

Example Page 1 of ERF

Example Page 2 of ERF

Did you know?

Direct Deposit for Payroll does NOT verify setup in the main payment & reimbursement system. 
The Payee Setup 204 form is required for reimbursement. 

Payee Setup Forms page

Event Order Approver (EOA)

Baskin School of Engineering EOAs include:

Eric W. Ormsby - EWOrmbsy@ucsc.edu

Anne Criss - acriss@ucsc.edu (backup only)

Event Expense Certifier (EEC)

Baskin School of Engineering EECs include:

Eric W. Ormsby - EWOrmbsy@ucsc.edu

Anne Criss - acriss@ucsc.edu (backup only)

Alexander Wolf - alw@ucsc.edu (top level approval only)

Entertainment Reporting Addendum

The Entertainment Reporting Addendum form is to be attached to the Post Travel or Pro-Card statement when requesting reimbursement for meals or expenses you paid on behalf of others.  Attach completed form and original itemized receipts to the Post Travel form or Pro-Card statement as appropriate.

Sample Entertainment Reporting Addendum form

Example of Entertainment Reporting Addendum Form

How to
Entertainment Reporting Form