ProCard Accounts

General ProCard Process and Forms

The Financial Affairs ProCard process and forms link.

New ProCard

Please work with your supervisor to prepare the ProCard Application. Both you and your supervisor must sign the application and submit it to the Business Office for processing.  You will need to take the Pro-Card cardholder quiz at the following website, and the quiz must be retaken annually.

Link to ProCard Quiz


Once the Business Office receives your Pro-Card, they will notify you to come to the office to pick it up, call for activation, and sign the Pro-Card Agreement.  Please bring a photo ID with you.

ProCard Supervisors

The supervisor will need to take the Pro-Card supervisor quiz at the following website and renew annually also.

Link to the ProCard Supervisor Quiz


Example of ProCard Application

Example of ProCard Application (part 1)

Example of ProCrad Application (part 2)